The heart is of upmost importance in the creation of our images. What we mean by this is that we believe that the images should take you back to a place where you felt loved, cared for, protected and beautiful, inside and out. We achieve this by taking the time to get to know you and on the day being there as a friend and not just a photographer.

We also show you just how epic your wedding day really was. From the intricate details to the grand scenes, to the gentle touch of someone's hand against yours. We believe your wedding day will be Epic!

Simplicity is something we value highly. We will never over photoshop images or take away from the natural simplicity of a moment. Our aim is simply to take you back.
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I remember asking my dad as he lay there, "Dad, why is this happening to you?" He replied with a tear in his eye, "I don't know, all I wanted was to see you grow up"... Dad, this is for you.
_James Day
We're inspired by people who are in love. We look intently for the many moments in people's loves where a choice has been made to truly love someone. Not just the feeling that we call love, but the choice.

I remember a conversation with my father, it was the night before he passed away. I was 14 at the time, sitting by the hospital bed holding onto his hand as he had the last conversation of his life. We talked about the future. We talked about what I might like to do when I grew up. He told me to follow my dreams. he told me not to do what everyone else thought I should do, but simply follow my dreams. Previous to this, we were best mates going along to camera clubs together and going on holidays with his professional SLR camera. There would always be competition for the camera. I would want to photograph the people I met in the streets and he would want to photograph the landscapes that he saw. When he passed away, I inherited his camera gear and continued to learn about photography.

Today, I photograph people in Love, because that's what I dreamt of doing and my father encouraged me to follow my dreams. I was also so blessed to have a mum who enabled me to do this. She matched me dollar for dollar whenever I needed anything to help me follow my dream. I love you mum!

_James Day
We photograph couples who are just aching to make the commitment to be together forever. We photograph people that treasure the relationships in their lives and who desire for images to be created that showcase these relationships that mean so much to them.

We photograph people in love who love photography, appreciate artists expression and enjoy spending quality time getting to know the person who will be creating these images for them.

We are confident that we are the best choice for people who want to enjoy their wedding day experience as a whole and wish that the photographer would ADD to their wedding day, rather than just TAKE photographs.

We photograph for people that enjoy our photographers easy going nature, our adventurous spirit and the attention to detail that we maintain throughout the experience.

  • image02 Ben & Emma

    Ben & Emma

    "James constantly goes above and beyond for his couples, capturing intimate and epic moments that other photographers just don't see. We will treasure our images and album forever, alongside all his other invaluable contributions to our wedding. James was a joy to have around on the day and was constantly full of support and advice in the lead up. Couples who hire James get so much more than a wedding photographer: they get an artist, a support system, and a friend. If you're lucky enough to snare him for your wedding, you'll never regret it."

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  • image03 Haley & Jarrad

    Haley & Jarrad

    "James is not only a fantastic photographer, but has become a really great friend. He made Jarrad and I feel so comfortable both on our wedding day and throughout the whole engagement. He even turned our rainy wedding day into a fantastic opportunity by producing some amazing photos of us in the rain! He is a funny, friendly and trustworthy guy, who goes above and beyond to capture your day as you want to remember it. We couldn't be happier with our photos and he is the reason we will be able to remember our day and the people we shared it with, so clearly and fondly for the rest of our lives."

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  • image04 Carl & Ali

    Carl & Ali

    "Not only is James an awesome photographer but he's a top bloke, he'll make you both feel like old friends. He also happens to take some freaking amazing candid shots that you cant wait to see & share with your loved ones. Seriously he actually captures love! The only problem will be deciding which ones to frame" #firstworldproblems

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  • image05 Isaac & Sam

    Isaac & Sam

    "Where can I start? James is simply the best. When getting prepared to propose to Sam, James helped conjure the idea of a photo shoot that turns into a proposal. It turned out to be the most fun day ever. James has a great ability to do that, turn a shoot into the most fun part of your day whilst getting the greatest photos you'll ever see. We really couldn't imagine anyone else helping us capture such a special day."

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  • image06 Matt & Alyssa

    Matt & Alyssa

    "Alyssa and I cannot thank you enough for the photographs that you have produced, as well as the pleasure of dealing with you and your business. Your positive and professional attitude towards life, photography, clients, friends and family has really come to light in our meetings, and in the spectacular and natural photos that you captured of our wedding day. The memories and emotions that you captured are proudly displayed in our house and are a constant reminder of what a wonderful day we had. "

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  • image07 Courtney & Josh

    Courtney & Josh

    "Having James as our wedding photographer was one of the best decisions we made for our wedding day. One thing you can't help but notice about James is the passion he has for his God-given abilities, and his obsession with light! James won't be just your wedding photographer, he'll more than likely end up as your friend by the end of it, one you'll have been glad to have at your wedding! James is well worth the investment - we guarantee you won't regret it."

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  • image08 Saraid & Tom

    Saraid & Tom

    "From the very beginning, James was an absolute delight to work with. Throughout the planning and on the actual day, James was incredibly approachable, professional, funny and relaxed. When the weather took at turn for the worse, James took it all in his stride and helped us capture some of the most amazing photographs from the day. James has an incredible ability to work with natural light and capture one off moments between people. I cannot recommend James more highly and only wish we could renew our vows and do it all again!"

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  • image9 Anne & Tom

    Anne & Tom

    "I am incredibly picky, hate photographs and am entirely uncomfortable in front of the lens. It was, therefore, with good reason I set my heart on having James as our photographer. James will make any girl shine at her most beautiful, capture any couple at their most in love and create photos of friends and family that quickly find their way to feature on people's walls. I have lost count of the number of compliments I have received from people (some I barely knew) and I have lost count of the number of times I have flicked through my wedding photos! Thank you James. We cannot wait for more to come."

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  • image10 Hugh & Gabby

    Hugh & Gabby

    "We could not recommend James Day more highly. He was courteous and organised whilst always being friendly to our bridal party and guests, he made us all feel so relaxed and comfortable that we could trust his direction and be ourselves. Because of all the above and some fantastic editing our photos did not disappoint! We now have the most beautiful set of images from our wedding that share not only the story of our wedding but all the joy from that day. Everyone who sees them can't help but comment on the high quality of the photos! Thanks James!"

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  • image11 Kerrie & Tim

    Kerrie & Tim

    "Choosing James to be our wedding photographer was the best choice we could have made. James isn't just a wedding photographer... He is an artist. And not only does he create epic pieces of photographic art, he also captures the true emotion of the event - the beautiful exchanges between loved ones, the tears, the laughter. And in the years ahead when vivid memories of the many moments begin to fade, we will always be able to look at the incredible photos that James took of the special moments of our wedding day... Thanks James!"

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  • image12 Emma & Chris

    Emma & Chris

    "James made us feel so comfortable and at ease. Throughout the entire wedding process we always felt supported and never pushed to do anything we didn't wish to. We were amazed at the incredible quality of the photos James delivered, and still continue to be complimented on them by our friends. We'd recommend James to all of friends. Thanks for the incredible photos james, and thanks for making our day that much smoother. You're awesome!"

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  • image13 Annie & Dave

    Annie & Dave

    "Just a quick note to thank you for the part you played on our wedding day. We now laugh at our utterly unwarranted nervous anticipation wondering whether we would get that 'perfect James Day shot' - we got hundreds! As amazing as our photos are and as much as we love them, what impressed us most was the man that took them. We felt that you whole-heartedly committed your full attention, care and creative genius to our day. Your photos will grace our walls for the rest of our lives and we will forever remember the special person who captured them for us."

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We work closely with a maximum of 35 couples per year across Australia and internationally.

Contact us below to Enquire about our latest wedding collections. We deliver full resolution images in colour and black and white, fully edited and free from watermarks to every client.

Our Fine Art Albums are a popular addition and are priced from $1000.

Couple shoots start at $1000 and include the digital files and a set of prints.

We work closely with you to customise the look and feel of the images we create for you and find out how we can best look after you.
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